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Riverside to Offer Telehealth Services

Riverside Community Care is pleased to announce we will soon offer Telehealth services, which includes TeleBehavioral Health and TelePsychiatry. You and a Riverside clinician can participate in virtual therapy or psychiatry appointments using secure, easy-to-use video-conferencing technology. Assessment and treatment are similar to what’s provided in an offi… read more >


“Changes do happen in people’s lives”

“At the age of 58, I have changed the way I think and want to live … I’ve learned to love me.” William H. is one of 2,200 people enrolled with Riverside Community Partners, a Behavioral Health Community Partner Program.  BH CPs collaborate with Accountable Care Organizations and physicians to ensure better coordinated care. Enrollees get assistance navig… read more >


Don’t Blame Mental Illness for Violence:
It’s Not Accurate and It Hurts

The ongoing mass violence in this country somehow, over and over, leads politicians and the press to shine a spotlight on mental illness as if it is the cause.  It’s tempting to think that this makes sense, and it is even more tempting to be hopeful that funding will improve for services for people who need support and treatment.  None of this, however, is re… read more >


The Unique Skills of a Family Partner

Meet Lorrissa Ely, a Family Partner with the Riverside Community Service Agency based in Needham.  Lorrissa has worked at Riverside for 10 years. Family Partners have experience as a parent or other caregiver of a youth with mental health issues or special needs, and they help parents learn how to navigate the child-serving systems, identify community supports, … read more >


Behavioral Health at Work

Content from MindWise Innovations, a division of Riverside Community Care: For many, our careers define part of who we are: the work itself, who we have daily interactions with, how much time we spend with our friends and families, the way we dress, and of course the very practical realities of how we support ourselves and put food on the table. Add to that li… read more >