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Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joe Shrand on Outsmarting Anger

Read an excerpt from the second printing of Outsmarting Anger: 7 Strategies for Defusing Our Most Dangerous Emotion by Dr. Joe Shrand, Chief Medical Officer at Riverside Community Care. In this excerpt, Dr. Joe explains how one of our most powerful human emotions – anger –can affect us and those around us, and how it can be turned into more productive behavio… read more >


Teen Mental Health During the Pandemic

Being a teen can be tough.  The adolescent years are a uniquely vulnerable and sensitive time in the path toward adulthood. But in the midst of a global pandemic, the loss of most familiar pastimes and community activities and connections, and possibly suppressed worry about family finances – it’s no wonder that teens’ behaviors and state of mind evoke par… read more >


Running for a Reason

Running has always been a way for Dr. Patrick McEnaney, Chair of Surgery at Milford Regional Medical Center, to settle his mind.  Trail running, especially, has been his particular form of mental therapy, as he describes it. Over the weekend of November 7-8, Patrick ran – and ran and ran – with a purpose: to raise funds for Riverside Community Care’s me… read more >


The E’s/Ease of a Positive Work Environment

Content from MindWise Innovations, a service of Riverside Community Care: Here at MindWise, we spend a lot of time thinking about and discussing behavioral health and how organizations and communities can better support individuals who are struggling with mental health or substance use issues. We talk about how that support translates directly into benefits … read more >


Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

Content from MindWise Innovations, a service of Riverside Community Care: During a recent meeting with Safety professionals in construction, our Mindwise team was reviewing information to share with on-site team members regarding mental health and substance misuse for an upcoming safety week.  Toward the end of the meeting, one of the safety leaders who had b… read more >