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Early Head Start

Early Head Start - Riverside Community Care

Riverside Early Head Start is a program for low-income families with infants and toddlers, as well as pregnant women. The program is designed to support families by promoting healthy prenatal care, infant/toddler care, and the well-being of the entire family. The goal is to give their young children a head start in their intellectual, social, and emotional development. With sensitivity to families whose first language is not English, the Early Head Start program reflects the diversity of the community it serves. Our employees often speak two languages and our programs are respectful of the various cultural norms practiced within each family.

Riverside Early Head Start Annual Report 2015-2016

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We are pleased to share comments from the people we serve:

"Riverside’s CBFS staff are the most competent, compassionate people I have encountered in many years of psychiatric care. I cannot say enough about the CBFS staff, they are a credit, not only to Riverside, but also to psychiatric caregivers everywhere."