Child & Family Services

Child & Family Services

Child & Family Services - Riverside Community Care

Our Child and Family services are dedicated to helping families succeed – in living together; in making necessary changes; and in meeting their own goals.  Whether a family needs help with their infant, an older child, or an adolescent, it is easy to access our programs and we are skilled at developing a plan that is unique to each family.  With decades of experience, we have created a broad range of services that is easily integrated within a child’s support system, which includes family members, as well as school personnel and any other individual that the family identifies as helpful. Our goal is to provide these services close to home and, in fact, in many cases, right in the family home.

For emergency services, please click here.

We are pleased to share comments from the people we serve:

"My experiences with Intensive Coordination Care have been wonderful. The people I worked with were dedicated, informative, supportive, caring, and eager to help in any way."