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The Language of Addiction

Letter to the Editor - Boston Globe RE: A start, but not a solution, for ‘Methadone Mile’ originally published June 22, 2017. Please stop referring to people as addicts! The 2017 Associated Press Stylebook includes guidelines on how journalists ought to refer to people with a substance use disorder. The editorial, A Start, but not a Solution, for ‘Me… read more >


Volunteers Needed for Riverside’s Human Rights Committee

Ensuring the Rights of the People We Serve At Riverside we pride ourselves on ensuring the rights of the people we serve. We do this through multiple channels, but some of the most important efforts are made through our Human Rights Committee which is supported by our Quality Management team.  Our volunteer-based Human Rights Committee is an opportunity for un… read more >


Recognizing Kathy Janssen as she heads into Retirement

Our Vice President of Quality Management, Kathy, joined Riverside with a passion for helping others and advocating for the people we serve. Now, nearly 17 years later, we recognize Kathy’s unwavering commitment and compassion as she prepares for a well-deserved retirement. From writing policies for our broad range of services, to overseeing our chart review … read more >


Celebrating Achievement, Recognizing Excellence at the CARE Awards

The Riverside CARE Awards On May 22 we shared our appreciation for the people we serve who have worked hard to grow and change, the amazing Riverside employees who have gone the extra mile to make a difference, and friends of the organization who support our mission. Our annual CARE Awards (formerly the Annual Appreciation Evening) was an inspirational night fo… read more >


Career Consulting for Employee Development

Last fall, Riverside conducted our second Employee Engagement Survey to find out what we can do as an organization to continue to engage and inspire our employees. The Engagement Survey is a chance for our employees to provide us with important feedback—and they did! One of the top four areas employees identified as needing improvement was in creating opportuni… read more >