b'WISELY STEWARDING FINANCIAL RESOURCES2021 IN REVIEWRiverside successfully maneuvered through a year of continuing COVID-19 challenges. We put significant resources into upgrading our technology platforms and expanded many of our services to meet behavioral healthcare needs that have intensified due to the pandemic.We were able to do all this thanks to careful financial stewardship and generous support from our donors and foundations. By judiciously utilizing and managing our funds, we ended the year with a modest surplus, allowing us to plan to meet the needs and challenges of the coming fiscal year.FY21 EXPENSESEFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT 90% ServicesWe steward your support wisely, limiting our management and fundraising costs to 10 cents of every dollar we raise. General &Admin 10%SUMMARY OF REVENUE & EXPENSES(In thousands) FY2021FY2020 ASSETS, LIABILITIES, & NET ASSETS(In thousands) Contracts$58,081$53,772FY2021FY2020Insurers$28,629$29,474Assets$58,700$50,931 Grants, Donations, & Other Revenue $8,216$5,910Liabilities $30,174$24,072 Total Revenue$94,926$89,156Net Assets$28,526$26,859Total Expenses$93,511$87,750 Net from Current Operations$ 1,414$ 1,406 13'