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New Employment Collaborative Websites are Live!

Amazing…we just launched five new websites for Riverside’s incredibly successful Regional Employment Collaboratives, which are funded by the Department of Developmental Disabilities and the Department of Mental Health. Employment Collaboratives are vibrant partnerships between service providers, government agencies, workforce development entities, and employers working towards one common goal – to increase employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

The Employment Collaboratives work with employers across Massachusetts, and connect them with a largely untapped market of qualified job candidates. Their pools of candidates include individuals from the surrounding cities and towns within each area, who experience either a mental illness, a developmental disability, or in some cases, a physical disability. Job candidates have a range of interests, skills, and level of education, but all share one common trait – the commitment and desire to enter the workforce and contribute positively to a local employer. The new websites highlight all of this and more. Visit the new websites below:

Central Mass Employment Collaborative:www.cmecworks.net

Greater Boston Employment Collaborative: www.gbecworks.net

Greater Merrimack Valley Employment Collaborative: www.gmvecworks.net

North Suburban Employment Collaborative: www.nsecworks.net

Western Mass Employment Collaborative: www.wmecworks.net

~Scott M. Bock, Founder and President/CEO

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