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Riverside, Lady Gaga, and the Born Brave Bus Tour

Covered in fan-generated artwork, the Born Brave Bus is currently headed to Boston as part of Lady Gaga’s U.S. Born This Way Ball tour. And Riverside is proud to be a part of the event! In an effort by Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation to inspire bravery and promote self-acceptance, the bus provides an interactive “tailgate” experience that will connect … read more >


Light Up The Holidays

In the wake of the tragedy this past Friday, I find myself amazed as hundreds of toys and gift cards pile up in our conference room. There is a lot that is wonderful in this world and it’s great to be reminded of it. With the gifts that you see in this picture, more than 750 children and adults we serve who might otherwise have gone without much for the holiday… read more >


Advocacy Works

Earlier this year we successfully won a commitment from the legislature and Governor to increase salaries for many of our lowest paid employees. Then, the state began making plans for cuts during a difficult period in which tax revenues have dropped more than expected. This salary increase was suddenly in jeopardy. Thousands of phone calls and emails to the Go… read more >


Blue Jean Ball Was A HUGE Success!

We have some truly amazing friends. 240 of them decided to celebrate the organization at our 6th Annual Blue Jean Ball. Our speaker – Ali Premo – talked about the impact Riverside has had in her family. I had the welcome opportunity to sit with her and her husband and parents and hearing about their experiences made me (and everyone else in the room) proud to… read more >


Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc and Riverside didn’t miss a beat. More than half of our employees work in 24 hour services and the rest of our staff come in to ensure that the people we serve receive the support they need. Like many people and businesses, we lost power at a few of our sites. Our facilities staff and our technology staff were prepared for problem… read more >