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Telebehavioral Health Shows Promise in Riverside Community Care Pilot

Homebound elders often struggle with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety but may have difficulties accessing therapy.  Some of the reasons include difficulty walking, fear of falling, chronic pain, fatigue, compromised immune systems, or anxiety related to leaving home. Access to dependable transportation can be a hindrance, and seniors may be he… read more >


Riverside Trauma Center’s 8th Annual Conference September 21

We are very excited about our upcoming annual conference, “Integrating Treatment: Exploring the Links Between Trauma, Substance Use, and Other Co-Occurring Conditions," taking place in Natick, MA, on September 21. The conference will focus on the current increase in opioid overdoses and enhanced understanding of the neurophysiology of addictions that have … read more >


Meet John: Successfully Living On His Own with Help from Riverside

John West used to telephone his Riverside staff frequently … at all hours of the night, screaming and yelling.  “I was a basket case,” says John.  “I was depressed and angry all the time.” John, who is in his late 40s and has a developmental disability, is part of Riverside Community Care’s Individual Support program.  Riverside staff visit John… read more >


Riverside Receives High Marks from Department of Developmental Services

This spring, fifteen homes that receive supports from Riverside were visited by five surveyors from the Department of Developmental Services’ (DDS) Office of Quality Enhancement as part of a routine, bi-annual quality assessment. The process allows DDS insight into the health, safety, human rights, and quality of services for the people served by Riverside. … read more >


Dramatic Car Crash Brings Riverside Community Together

On Friday, May 11th just after 2 pm, an SUV accidentally drove into the front wall of the Riverside Outpatient Center in Upton, Massachusetts, stopping about half way into Mary Kuchta’s office.  Mary, a long-time clinician, was with a client at the time, but the two of them, while trapped, were somehow unhurt. The scene was chaotic, with everyone in the bui… read more >