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The Guidance Center - Riverside Community Care

Helping Families Succeed.

The Guidance Center provides mental healthcare, early childhood programs and family support services throughout Cambridge, Somerville and nearby communities.  As a service of Riverside Community Care, we offer an integrated range of flexible services that wrap around the entire family.  Our goal is to provide support close to home, and in many cases, right in the child’s home, or in local schools.  We also work collaboratively with pediatricians and other providers. Our hallmark is our dedication to helping create lasting change for children, families and for the whole community.

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Early Childhood Services

Early Intervention

Preschool Team

Early Head Start

Early Years Project

Child & Adolescent Services

Outpatient Services

Family After School Program

Home Based Services

Intensive Family Services

In-Home Therapy

Therapeutic Mentoring

Domestic Violence Services

Children With Voices

Meeting Place

High Risk Assessment and Response

Care Coordination Services

Community Service Agency (CSA)

Family Networks

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We are pleased to share comments from the people we serve:

"I am very grateful for all of the services I receive here; my life has changed in many ways."