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Crisis Stabilization & Respite

Crisis Stabilization & Respite - Riverside Community Care

Our Community Crisis Stabilization offers an alternative to psychiatric hospitalization. We provide assessment, treatment planning, case management, and other structured activities in a residential setting with highly experienced staff. This structured environment features a multi-disciplinary team, including psychiatrists, nurses, clinicians, and counselors. The typical length of stay ranges from two days to two weeks.

We also provide a Department of Mental Health (DMH) funded Respite Service which offers both an overnight site-based program as well as a mobile respite. The overnight program offers an alternative to hospitalization or can serve as a step down from a hospitalization. Our mobile outreach offers similar daytime programming including assessment, treatment planning, and intensive case management designed to maintain individuals in the community. Both these services are available for those already connected with DMH.

We are pleased to share comments from the people we serve:

"There is a great deal of flexibility and acceptance, tolerance and even opportunity at Crossroads Clubhouse. It also has a friendly atmosphere that few people can resist."