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Psychiatric Day Treatment Services - Riverside Community Care

Riverside’s Psychiatric Day Treatment Programs help individuals with serious psychiatric conditions remain out of the hospital, thrive in their daily lives, and integrate effectively into their community.  We provide a highly structured therapeutic program in a compassionate environment.  This combination offers participants a unique opportunity to achieve recovery despite stigma and fear, histories of trauma, comorbid substance use disorders, and other significant clinical challenges.

Our programs offer evidence-based skills training, in CBT, DBT, WRAP, dual diagnosis, health promotion, and symptom management.  This training is more effective because participants experience safety and belonging which enable hope and belief in their ability to achieve recovery and wellness.  The result is to empower participants, who otherwise would be at enduring risk for hospitalizationto manage their conditions and the demands of daily life, supporting an improved quality of life.

View Mark and Diane’s Psychiatric Day Treatment stories below:



We are pleased to share comments from the people we serve:

"I can't say enough wonderful things about the Newton Outreach Program. Many other therapists were unable to break through my son’s strong, protective shell. Quickly and quietly, Marianne gained his trust and she became part of all of our lives. You helped us gain wisdom and taught us how to appreciate the wonderful aspects of life while accepting the challenges."