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Supporting the Community and Each Other

This past weekend’s violence in Charlottesville, Virginia is a shocking reminder of how important it is that we work together as a caring community. Groups like the Klan and Neo-Nazis prey on our families, friends, neighbors, and the people we serve. These groups have absolutely no tolerance for differences. And, while they are only a small part of the populati… read more >


Riverside Hosts Briefings for Congressman Joe Kennedy

Riverside Hosts Briefings for Congressman Joe Kennedy in Support of Community Based Services We were happy to help when Congressman Joe Kennedy III’s aide reached out to Riverside about hosting a dialogue. He was interested in learning more about community based behavioral health services. Last Friday July 21st at our Crossroads Clubhouse in Hopedale, we hoste… read more >


The Riverside School – Needham Graduation

On June 16 we had the great honor, and rare opportunity, of hosting a high school graduation ceremony for two of our Riverside School-Needham students and their families. Graduation is a time for students to look back on where they started, and how they have grown. But most importantly, graduation is a time to look forward, into the future. This was a special day… read more >


The Language of Addiction

Letter to the Editor - Boston Globe RE: A start, but not a solution, for ‘Methadone Mile’ originally published June 22, 2017. Please stop referring to people as addicts! The 2017 Associated Press Stylebook includes guidelines on how journalists ought to refer to people with a substance use disorder. The editorial, A Start, but not a Solution, for ‘Me… read more >


Volunteers Needed for Riverside’s Human Rights Committee

Ensuring the Rights of the People We Serve At Riverside we pride ourselves on ensuring the rights of the people we serve. We do this through multiple channels, but some of the most important efforts are made through our Human Rights Committee which is supported by our Quality Management team.  Our volunteer-based Human Rights Committee is an opportunity for un… read more >